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Defraggler 2.03.282

Das Defragmentierungstool Defraggler ist in einer neuen Version erschienen und unterstützt nun Das Service Pack 1 von Windows 7. Weitere Änderungen sind:

- Improved file shuffling algorithm (allows Defraggler to move files out of the way).
- Vastly improved the speed of the file list for FAT drives.
- Faster start/stop processes for FAT drives.
- Improved support for low RAM situations.
- Drive map block size can now be updated dynamically.
- Fixed bug that could cause shutdown to fail with Freespace Defrag.
- Improved results in Search tab when 'Include non-fragmented files' is checked.
- Better support for very long non-English strings.
- Better keyboard support in the File List.
- You can now navigate tabs using Ctrl-Tab.
- Improved support for non-standard Windows colors.
- New extensions to be moved to the end of the drive are now checked by default.
- Better handling of delimiters in exclude list.
- Minor tweaks and fixes.


Das Tool ist natürlich auch als portable Version zu haben, für alle die sich die Installation sparen wollen.